Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I keep telling the kids that they have to put their things away or the puppy will get it. Now, in my defense, this yarn was sort of put away - it was in a stuffed in a bin. Apparently, it's great fun to tip over the bin and pull out and then scatter the contents. DH says Purl just wishes she had thumbs so she could knit!
And the rest of this isn't Purl - it's me. We impulsively decided to renovate the office/studio. At first it was going to be just some paint, but it was going to be so much work to get the room ready for that, we decided to gut the room! At this point, most people would sort and then pack everything up. But it had taken us so long to get to this point, we were afraid we would change our minds if we didn't decisively launch into the project. I moved everything out of the room as fast as possible while Dh chiseled ugly green tiles off the walls putting us well past the point of no return.
This isn't the most organized way to become organized, but sometimes, you just have to take a leap. Already, I've sent all (yes I said all) of the knitting magazines to my daughter's school, where they have a knitting school. I've also packed up several bags of material and at least two unfinished projects for a charity pick up. These are things that have been in my closet for years and years. I feel some angst at sending them away being taught to always finish what you start. But I don't want them anymore. I'm not sure that I ever did. Sometimes I think I start things just to see if can do it and once I know I can, I lose interest. Of course, by this time I've usually invested beaucoup $$ and hours into the project. So it's tempting to just tuck it away for some day when I have hours and hours of extra time on my hands (as if that day will ever come). This time, however, I'm letting go of the guilt and the stuff to make way for new stuff and, hopefully, a wave of creativity.
I will keep my favorite yarn books and the good yarn that I've collected. I've come to the belief that yarn isn't just for knitting - it's for collecting too. It's good to be surrounded by wonderful yarn. I hope someday to find the right project for all of it, but in the meanwhile, I'll just enjoy the color and the texture and the potential it holds.


Allison said...

WOW!!! I can't wait to see it when you finish.

Janice said...

I love Purl :-) She and Sophie would just have a hay day don't you think? And, yes, it is wonderful to be surrounded by delicious yarn!!!

Holly Jo said...

I can practically feel your older dog saying at the top of the stairs..... "Ooooh, you're going to be in trouble!"

Your willingness to get rid of your knitting magazines is awe inspiring as well as your new found attitude toward the knitting stuff.