Saturday, February 10, 2007

egg plant or Wisteria

For better or worse, I have rediscovered the library. I've been taking my 4yo there to help feed her voracious appetite for books. One day I wandered up to the adult section and discovered they have knitting books - lots of them. Not only that, they can order nearly any book out there! The great news is that I can catch up on all those books that were on my list. The bad news is I can catch up all those books that were on my list! How many patterns can one person knit in a lifetime anyway!?

This purse is from Stitch and Bitch - a book that I wasn't impressed with until I read it. Now I want to buy it. The purple yarn is from Australia, brought by a Christmas guest. The green is from the Cascade 220 heathers collection that caught my eye at the store.

I thought together they looked like Wisteria. My 14yo said it looks like an egg plant. Regardless, I really like the phone leash called for in the pattern. There is a phone-sized bag attached to the tote with an i-cord. Very handy.

Two thoughts on the pattern - maybe it's the yarn I chose, but it seems a tad on the small side. Also, I would cast on extra stitches to make the handles longer. With having to chase children so much, I find I need to keep my hands free as much as possible.


loribird said...

Hi Jen! The bag looks great (I'd vote for wisteria) I've had the S&B books for awhile, and they've been gathering dust lately - I'll pop them in to mail to you tomorrow so you can peruse them to your heart's content :)

Janice said...

I love the bag... love the colors. I'll have to check out the book! Like you, I have a list a mile long of things I want to knit, but still find myself drawn to looking at new patterns etc.. All part of this knitting syndrome!!!

monica said...

The bag looks great. I love the colors. The kids are always needing to go to the library and there are always a few new knitting books or ones that I have already seen but want to look at again. Hubby even brings me some knitting books when he takes the kids. I never get tired of looking at them.

Lisa L said...

I love the colors of the bag! And THANK YOU for the chocolates! My daughter was sooo excited! Of course, they're all gone now . . . :-)

vegasangelbrat said...

Love that eggplant/wisteria...pretty colors together. Knit or corchet? :)