Thursday, February 01, 2007

A stash question for you

There was an article on recently lauding the stash as a collection rather than a shameful ill that must be cured. I like that perspective. We love yarn, why shouldn't we be surrounded by it?

So here is my question - how did you accumulate your stash? Is it yarn bought for projects in which you lost interest? Is it yarn bought for projects you just haven't gotten to yet? Is it yarn you bought just because you liked it? Yarn that you bought just because you liked it? Or was it just gifted to you?

Thanks for your input.


Bonnie D. said...

My stash has developed based on several types of occurences. One - I find a great sale on a yarn I like and buy a bunch with no project in mind. Two - I buy yarn for a specific project but then change my mind. Three - I buy yarn for a specific project which I'll never have time to do in this lifetime.


Danielle said...

What little stash I have came from buying for a specific project, swatching the yarn and realizing it wasn't going to wrok the way that I thought that it would. However, I don't have much of a stash! :)

Lia said...

My stash started out as over-enthusiastic yarn buying for all these projects I was going to do! I wanted to do some baby knitting for charity, and I wanted to do some other charity knitting. I also bought boxes of yarn on eBay, thinking I was getting enough yarn for this project or another. I don't usually buy yarn, just to buy it. I normally have a project in mind. Actually getting to that project is another matter, LOL! I also have some leftovers from projects. I always buy a little extra because I want to actually finish the project, and not end up with, say a sweater with one sleeve. :)

My stash now has it's own storage unit. It is a pretty impressive sight.

Minnesota Mazzio's said...

My stash is well a complilation...

Of :

Yarn I bought before I really knew what a yarn store was...meaning all Acrlyic.. I use this for charity

Yarn I bought when I got into Yarn stores and went crazy... Just had to have it.

And Yarn that I bought at Stitches and at other Yarn functions. Love this yarn and I am saving for a special occassional.


Janice said...

I'd like to think that most of my stash is yarn bought with a specific project in mind. And often I do buy it for a specific project and actually MAKE that project with THAT yarn!! :-) It's the yarn sales that really draw me in! And unless my hubby is with me to 'remind' me of all my yarn at home, I 'stock up'! I mean, one never knows when one might get snowed in for a month or something and need a good stash built up!

stickchick said...

My stash started sadly, as an attempt at learning to crochet baby blankets. Being unknowledgeable, I bought lots of acrylics and learned I CAN'T CROCHET!! I do think acrylic has a place, especially for charity or some gifting of "those not in the know of special yarn treatment but still deserving handmade"

Happily, I found my way to knitting (internet and a long story) and the land of exchanges. Oh happy day!!! Now I am getting a nice stash. I try to just buy for each project, but am getting lovely yarns from swaps (I have a little hank of cashmere I just love to rub)

Lisa L said...

I don't actually have too much "stash" yarn. I usually buy yarn for specific projects. Although with this new spinning craze, I'll probably build up a stash.

Allison said...

I always try to only buy yarn with a specific project in mind and at least half of my stash is for projects that I just haven't gotten to yet. The rest is yarn that's just too gorgeous to pass up so I figure I'll find something to make with it. That's really a bad thing since I seem to never get around to making anything with those skeins but still I find myself doing it!