Monday, February 05, 2007

Trying to stay warm

The deep freeze has finally hit. We were blessed with a mild winter, but of course it couldn't last. All we can do now is knit frantically and bundle up.
The half mits are from a great silk blend - I modified a mitten pattern. They are knit in double rib for three inches and then knit like a regular mitten and then double ribbed knit for an inch. If (when) it gets warmer, I can wear them alone. For now I wear them over a pair of gloves and under a pair of mittens!
The scarf is knitted in the yarn harlot's rib pattern ( with a ruffled edge. To get the ruffle, cast on twice as many stitches as you want, knit for a row or two and then knit 2 together all the way across. At the other end, knit in the front and back all the way across, knit the same number of rows as you did before the decrease row and cast off. This was the scarf on which I finally learned the long tail cast on.
The picture of me was taken by my d4yo - thus the odd angle and the chopped off forehead. Both yarns were sent to me by Allison in California. I'm hoping she sent some of the warmth from her state with them. To get a touch of anti-dreary-winter, check out her blog:


loribird said...

Nice scarf! and not such a bad picture either (I love seeing inside blogger's homes, BTW - I see the knit calender in the background...)
Hope you keep warm!

Jknits said...

You have a good eye!

Lisa L said...

Great mitts and scarf! I love the colors! That little one is not a bad photographer!

monica said...

We used to get a lot of pictures of just feet when ours were that age, or half a face. I think she did a fine job photographing. Everything looks great. I got to try out my mittens today for the first time. My hands were toasty warm as I shoveled out the driveway.