Thursday, February 08, 2007

Personal Yarn Shopper Wanted

After giving birth to my last baby and about to turn 40, I insisted new wardrobe to celebrate. I set up an appointment with a personal shopper at the local department store. She was great. She knew where everything in her store was. She looked at me and knew my sizes. And, with just a few questions, she knew my style. In less than an hour, we'd found numerous well-coordinated outifts. She picked out for me things I wouldn't have tried, but ended up loving. She found for me thing in places I wouldn't have even thought to look. And then she got me great discounts on all of it.

That's what I need for knitting! Someone who can read my mind and tell me what I want yarn I want and what pattern. I seem to have a hard time matching the two. I can find a yarn I like, but I don't know what pattern would be good with it. Or I find a pattern I like, but I can't find the right yarn for it.

It's a wonder to me that I get anything knit at all!

I'm open to suggestions - please tell me how you pick your projects - by the yarn or by the pattern or some secret method I haven't uncovered?


Danielle said...

I often find a pattern that I love. When the yarn I want to use doesn't work, sometimes I rework the pattern so that it will work. I guess it seems like a major headache, but I've made some really great sweaters, this way!

stickchick said...

I usually let the pattern be the deciding factor for me. Inspiration (or need ie- gifts or something) decide the pattern. Sometimes I'll get an idea for a project that must be made so again, pattern decides the yarn.

(I admit to buying impulse yarns too hehe)

Allison said...

I think the answer is to just buy more yarn!