Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fashionable Whimsy

I didn't really need another purse, but I kept seeing these cabled totes and they sort of got in my head. And then I was out shopping with my good friend Allison, - a very rare treat because she lives on the opposite coast - and I wanted to buy something to remember the occassion. I found this fabulous Cascade Tweed. So here it is - my purple cabled purse that my just turned 5yo declared to be "very fashionable." It's based on a pattern in One-Skein Wonders, sent by my SP9 pal, Lisa, Mine is bigger because I have more stuff to carry. It took two balls of the Cascade. The purse is about 12 by 12 inches. If you want the modifications, send me an email -

I lined the bag to keep it from stretching out too much. I used one "fat quarter" - the quilting material sold in squares at most fabric and craft stores. I find these make excellent lining and are relatively cheap.

It has stretched where I've attached the handles, but I think that is unavoidable.

The handles aren't the most comfortable, but I love the way they look - very girly.

Thank you all for the cableing advice. I really like making them. I've even checked out Cables Untangled from the library to learn more. Here is my review of the book, in case anyone is interested in it. It's a great guide for cables and their charts. It could have been written a little more clearly, but suffices. The pictures are stunning. I don't know if I will ever make the blanket on the cover, but I sure do like looking at the picture. The projects look interesting, although I haven't tried any just yet.