Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ground Hog Knitting

There is a movie starring Bill Murray about a weatherman who has to keep reliving Ground Hog's Day over and over. He eventually tries to kill himself and but still keeps waking up on the same day. Until he finally gets it right and wins the girl. I thought it was quite funny, until I had to live through it.

This shawl is my Ground Hog's Day. I had to keep starting over and over and over and over. Bigger needles? Smaller needles? Was that a yarn over? Did I k2 together when I should have k2'd? I have ten stitches when I should have 11? Where did that hole come from? No problem could be fixed - I had to just keep starting over.

The yarn is so soft and pretty that I didn't mind too much. It has an irridescent quality that is mesmerizing. Usually, I'm driven to achieve, to make progress, to finish. But this time, I was just enjoying the ride. I know this project will take awhile, and I really want it to come out right.
The pattern really isn't that hard. It's just challenging enough to keep my attention but I can still follow a television show if it's not too complex.
I'm using the yarn my dh brought home from Mexico. It is bright and beautiful and calls out for a bold pattern. I'm not sure there will be enough, but I figure I can finish it off with black or white.
The above picture is proof that the snow is really long gone (not that we got much this year anyway) What it doesn't show is that it is finally warm here on the East Coast. Oh happy day.

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Lisa L said...

I found I had that problem with the Jaywalkers sock pattern. Have you tried that one yet?? I couldn't get the gauge right and the sock kept being toooooo small . . . So I just had to put it away. I'll bring it back out though - it has been on my mind. Like you, I just don't like to be defeated by a pattern - is that crazy??? ;-)