Friday, October 05, 2007

Bead much fun

I intended to order a tiny crochet hook when I ordered my yarn for the Secret of the Stole, but as so often happens around here, I was distracted while working on the computer and forgot what I was doing. With yarn in hand, I was too eager to get started to run to the store, so I improvised. (My philosophy in life is that success is 10 percent preparation and 90 percent improvisation.)

Here is what I came up with - a very cheap and easy alternative. I used a thin wire folded in half. I hook the wire into the loop I want to bead and lift it off the needle. I then slip the bead over the wire and down over the loop. Next, I put the loop back on the needle and continue knitting. I don't know if it's as fast or simple as a crochet hook, but it works in a pinch. I used a headpin for making beaded earrings and clipped off the tip. I found that the best length is about an inch long. Any longer is unwieldy. I also found it's best to fold the wire in half so that both sides are the same length.
The yarn is Shadow from Knitpicks - It's called Sunset, but it's more the color of a tasty glass of Merlot.


HDW said...

I think your method is probably easier than the hook! My hook slips of my yarn and beads go flying or it catches a single is aggravating.....I may just try your method the next go round

Danielle said...

That's a great color and I love the way you improvised a crochet hook! Like HDW, I've had troubles using the crochet hook method and have dropped the stitch. Then I needed to pick up a larger crochet hook to pick up the dropped stitch!! I'm not using beads on the SotS, because I'm using worsted weight yarn and size 9 needles, but I did use that method of beading with the Mystery Stole. Happy knitting!!

Janice said...

I've never added beads to knitting but your stole is looking beautiful. Way to improvise with your wire hook. Looks like is is a good solution!

LUL said...

Thanks fro poppping by my blog. It was a relief to find out my Anne's Garden Stole wasn't completely ruined. Now that I have gotten used to the sligthly look I feel much better about it :-)