Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Columbus Day

Fall has arrived. It's 58 degrees and rainy for our day off. But it's not too bad because we've been so spoiled. It was around 80 degrees on Saturday - almost too hot to be outside except that I knew it would soon be too cold so we went anyway. This is low tide at Nahant Beach, northeast of Boston. People come to here to fly kites so big they can actually pull along a scooter. They roll around pretty fast along the beach that stretches about a mile or so along the shore. I suppose that works well unless the wind dies down after you've been blown a good distance from where you parked.
We drove out in the Jeep with the top down figuring that it was our last chance for an open air drive. The little girls wore their pink Red Sox caps and kept their hands clampled on their heads so they wouldn't lose them. At the beach, they were thrilled to run just as fast as they could as far as they could. I brought knitting along, but given my last experience working in the Jeep (and having the pattern blow away) I opted to keep the project safely under the seat.

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