Monday, October 01, 2007

stash building dilemma

I am somewhat dismayed to have found a lack of lace weight yarn in my local stores. I do, however, understand that there is only so much room in the shop and there are so many options to offer. Thankfully, there is the internet where space is virtually unlimited.

Ordering on the Internet brings up an interesting issue. All I needed was three balls of lace weight yarn at $2.98 a ball for the Secret of the Stole project. But since I can't really tell what the colors are, I wanted to order two colorways. Still, the price tag isn't too high. But then I saw the magnetic lace chart and that looks useful. And, I've been wanting to try the knitpicks options so I added in a set of 4s and a cable. Now bill is just $10 shy of free shipping. It turns out, however, that free shipping takes 5 to 14 days. It would cost about $10 for 3-day shipping.

So here are my options:

A. Stay with what I have and pay $5 for regular shipping.

B. Pay the extra $10 ensure that the yarn arrives before the KAL starts.

C. Add in a few balls of yarn for a baby hat I've been wanting to knit and get the free shipping.

D. Add in a few balls of yarn and pay $10 for faster shipping so I can get it all right away.

It's like a personality test!

I was really tempted to pony up the extra dough for the quick shipping since I am an instant gratification sort of gal. But I took a deep breath and made an honest assessment of the projects I already have going and opted for the slower stash building option C.

I was feeling very frugal and practical and proud of myself. A little too smug as it turns out.

Later that afternoon, I went North to my son's football game. We got there early. There was a yarn shop nearby. I hadn't brought any knitting with me. (You know where this is going, don't you?)

In less than ten minutes (all I could convince my daughter to give me) I had found yarn, needles and a pattern for socks. Of course, the only needles in the shop long enough for my preferred Magic Loop method were Addi Turbos and the self-striping yarn is from Italy. These will be by far the most expensive socks I own. In fact, they cost more than my entire existing sock wardrobe.

If I am successful, this will be my first full-size pair of socks. So far, I've only done wee ones.


stickchick said...

I pick C, pick C!! Kinda frugal and get more yarn! YAAY!!

Sorry it's been so long, I've been MIA in bloggerland but what a fun post to return to!

Somehow, I'm just not feeling the pain of your "falling" down with such lovely regia and some addis, hehe! ;-) I'm sure you will "suffer" through, teehee

They will be great and you will be addicted (that's a good thing, really!)

loribird said...

Those magnetic chart boards are a life saver - they're great for when you get into color knitting too :)
I often have the same dilemma with Knitpicks - their free shipping does seem to come slightly faster than they advertise, though.
The good thing about Addis (and the justification for their high price) is that they are guaranteed for life. So you only ever have to buy one (unless you lose it, of course; I don't believe they insure against that....)