Thursday, January 24, 2008

Easy Peasy

After so much complicated knitting I craved a quick project - something simple that could be done in two days. The solution was a hat. Not just any hat. A hat made from some marvelous handspun yarn sent to me by my good friend at Saratoga Knitting. The pattern is labled Simple Knit Hat. It's a ribbed hat that is very forgiving so no swatching needed - cast on 96 for sport weight yarn, 88 for worsted weight. I swatched any way, given my bad luck with hats.

Next came the slight pattern modification. I wanted simple, but not too simple so I decided to do a mock cable instead of plain ribbing. The results were, I'm pleased to say, fantastic. The yarn is primarily gray with other soft colors woven in. the result is subtle stripes. The mock ribbing adds a nice texture. The best part is that the hat fits just like it's supposed to. And, it took just two days! I might have been able to get it done in just one if I had fewer kids.

One of those kids (the 14yo) saw that hat for the first time when I went to pick her up at the previously mentioned luncheon. "Mom, can you take that hat off?" were the first words out of her mouth. My 15yo dd and 13 yo ds both liked it and so does at least one of my good friends.

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Lisa L said...

Yay! Beautiful hat!