Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why kids are great

This weekend my 14 yo was away overnight for the kickoff of a semester of volunteering for City Year. It's a program through which Boston's young people can volunteer every Saturday. On Monday, families were invited to a luncheon at the end of the kick off event. By the time we arrived I was entirely stressed out from having gotten lost and living in the irrational fear that I wasn't going to be able to find my kid. (She could easily have gotten home on her own, but knowing that didn't stop my panic). The lunch was in the cafeteria of a run down school. It was a loud and crowded room jam packed with teenagers filled with attitude. Big teenagers acting tough for their friends. I felt entirely out of my element. On top of it all, the 14 yo wasn't thrilled to see me. (Go figure) In the midst of this my 2 and 5yos were happy as clams. To them, it was as good as any other restaurant. The soup wasn't too appetizing, but they were pleased as punch to have bread and little pats of butter. The best part for them was the mini water bottles that they got to keep. They were patient in line, patient while we found a seat and giddy over getting to butter the bread themselves. They were just happy to be there. I get it, now. I get that whole looking at the world with child like wonder thing that has always bewildered me. It may be sappy, but what a neat thing to be so joy filled. I want some of what they have. Of course they don't have the pressures or the responsibility or the stress that goes along with those things. But still, maybe there's room for more of their perspective as well.


loribird said...

Thank you. I need to be reminded of that perspective every now and again.

Allison said...

I love the scarf - it turned out great!!! I have some of that blue sky alpaca silk in probably that exact same color. I may have to try this!!!

great auntie, step monster said...

as an evil step-monster to the teenage version, but very loving aunt on the other hand, I agree with you that we need the wonderment of the child. My solution has been always making time to take the nieces and nephews (and now great nieces and nephws) to some of the places I have been hundreds of times and just enjoy experiencing it through their eyes and reactions. Talk about a dose of joy (and surprisingly peace)!