Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cast on and on and on

I learned to knit from a book. It showed how to do a knitted cast on. I didn't know there was any other way until I finally wandered into a class. The teacher mentioned there were dozens (?) of others but taught the knitted cast on. I was perfectly content with this tried and true until I came across a pattern that called for a long tailed cast on. Now, I'd seen the complicated looking pictures of it and heard about how hard it can be to get the tail the right length. I have enough challenges in my life already. But I'm not really one to step down from a challenge, especially in knitting.

I finally broke down, read the tutorial with needles and yarn in hand and I had a serious Green Eggs and Ham moment. I like it! I like it Sam I Am - and I will do it on a box, with a fox, wearing sox, knitting sox. It's a good thing I'm trying to knit, not write a children's book! But suffice it to say that this cast on is great! It's so easy, so quick and so pretty. And, the best part is that one row is knitted before you've even got started!

This is my first long tail cast on project.
It won't actually look like this because I'm going to frog and go in a different direction. But I don't mind. Why? Because I get to do the great cast on again. (It's moments like these that I think maybe I am a knitting freak).


Anonymous said...

Cast on!!! Way to go learning the new cast on! I love the long tail cast on and, yes, occasionally have to start over because the tail wasn't long enough...(and occasionally trim a too long of tail!) And occasionally get it JUST RIGHT!

Eileen said...

Congratulations!! I've always done the long-tail cast on. Some day I'd like to learn the knitted cast on ;-)

Janice is right---judging the right amount of yarn for the long-tail is something of an art. I've read that you can figure it out mathematically based on the number of stitches, weight of the yarn and size of the needles---but that's just too much math for me LOL. Can't wait to see your finished project!

Jknits said...

I just read about a book that gives instructions for 40 cast ons! 40? Now I'm really curious...