Monday, January 22, 2007

Wind me up

My dh got me the best present for Christmas - a ball winder and swift. He sure knows how to take a hint. It's as great as I hoped. My kids think it's great fun too. First we started winding the skeins I had laying around. Then we started on the tangled up piles of left overs. After that, we started rewinding the hand wound balls just 'cause we could! It's a great motivation to organize the stash.


Anonymous said...

A swift and ball winder are a knitter's best friends, no doubt!! And the yarn is so much easier to store. (and it doesn't hurt that the kids think it's fun and want to help!!)

Anonymous said...

I just love my ball winder! And getting help from the family just because it's fun is great!

I forgot to tell you that I'm making my EZ sweater out of Cascade 220. It's my "go to" yarn!