Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gooooooo Team

I'm of the firm belief that knitting mixes with pretty much anything - so why not football? Someone has actually started a fantasy football league for knitters!

I'm not a must-watch-football football fan, but I like to watch, especially if it's a team I like. I know the rules. I can follow the plays. Besides being able to talk about Sunday's game can help get conversations started.

So, despite not knowing all of the players or even all of the teams I signed up. There's a pre-season challenge ( knitting a teddy bear sweater in your favorite team's colors) and a flikr link for photos.

The sign ups are still open, so if you have any interest in football or trying something totally different - join us!

1 comment:

Janice said...

Oh, I am so signing up!! I LOVE watching football and am already counting the days til football season starts up again!! Thanks for the link! :-)