Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knusings (knit musings)

I have come to realization that it is highly unlikely that I will ever knit a pirate, even if it is really cute and would probably be quite a conversation starter.

I saw the pirate it in a magazine - a British journal that comes with a tape measure. (I'm a sucker for tape measures - it seems I can never find one when I want one so I'm always buying extras. ) I had picked out a stack of knitting magazines and I was trying to winnow down the pile. I suppose I could have just bought them all but I am trying to save some money to buy yarn to knit the things in those magazines.

I was really impressed with the little pirate. It was a darling piece of handiwork. But as I stood there admiring the cleverness of some faraway knitter I had an epiphany. I only have so much time and I have so many things I want to knit. When put up against the long list the pirate would fall to the bottom. In fact, I don't really want to knit him - I might want to buy it if someone else made it and I'd love to get it as a gift. But I want to knit cables and lace and socks and gloves and a sweater or too. Reluctantly, I put the magazine and the tape measure back on the shelf. I actually felt relieved. It turns out that not adding something to the "to do" list is almost as good as finishing a task! Now I can buy two tape measures with the money I saved.

I did pick up the latest issue of Interweave Knits - it's all about cables.

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Janice said...

A knit Pirate? Interesting....(Way to be strong and put it back on the shelf!!) I also have so many items I want to knit. I get paralyzed trying to decide what to cast on next, because when you cast on one thing, you are committing to it and saying no to 20 other things you would LOVE to be casting on as well!!!