Saturday, August 04, 2007

Knitting to go

A question was asked in the knitter's review forum about what knitters do as far as having projects to take on the road. I have thought about this a great deal given the number of times I've been caught without a project on hand. Just as bad, and in a way even worse, is grabbing a project and finding that the needles are the wrong size or a crucial tool is missing. My answer is this: when you have a quiet moment - not when you're getting ready to go - start a simple project - a baby hat, a scarf, a sock, a dishcloth.... do enough that you know you the right needles. Then pack it all up in a "to go" kit. I usually use big zip lock bags because that lets me see what I have and it protects the yarn from spills in the car. The kit should include:
  • the project
  • the pattern (preferably a photo copy of the original, which will be left safe at home)
  • a travel tool kit with at least scissors, tape measure, darning needle and optional stitch markers and crochet hook. (I have several such kits that I try to keep with each project)

Ideally, I'd have one of these kits in each car and in my purse. That way I'd always be covered. The hardest part is making myself thing about this when a trip is not immanent. This also requires having multiple sets of needles and other tools. I generally carry my Denise interchangeables, which gives me a lot of flexibility.

My other solution is to take knitting magazines - then you don't have to worry about not having a stitch counter. The only problem with this is resisting the overwhelming temptation to read through them as soon as they're purchased!


Janice said...

Good ideas! I also have come to the conclusion that it is a great idea to have a knitting project in the car for those times you end up waiting unexpectantly. (which seems to be quite often!!)

Allison said...

You forgot the part about bringing an extra copy of the pattern with you for when the first one blows out of the car! I saw a Knitty Gritty episode where she had this gorgeous cabinet filled with knitting bags (all Jordana Paige) each holding a different project to be grabbed as you run out the door. YEAH RIGHT!