Thursday, August 09, 2007

My contribution to the economy

It all started when I went to the store to get more material for this rag quilt I'm making for my daughter who is now away at camp. The quilt is sewn with the edges revealed. The edges are then clipped creating a soft, multi-dimensional blanket (or so goes the theory). I was about 26 squares short of the backing and middle. No more than two yards of fabric - just a few dollars even if it wasn't on sale, right?

But the things is, I had to take my dds , 5 and 5 into the store. First they found one fabric they both had to have and then another and another and another and another... it was all on clearance, just $2 or $3 a yard. (Amazing how quickly that adds up) We were having so much fun putting together different combinations that I didn't stop until long, long after I should have. Pretty soon we had a huge pretty pile of matchy matchy fabric.

And then, near the cutting table, the youngest began grabbing the rolls of fleece that were in the left over bin. We don't need any more blankets, we already have more than I can fit on the shelf. But the color combo was so cool and I've made a fleece blanket for all the kids but her and so, after much back and forth, these jumped into the cart too.

I won't even mention the odds and ends that were on an incredible sale and couldn't be left behind at that price. So now I'm up to my ears in fabric. The real problem is that they don't sell time!

Here she is - Miss enthusiasm herself. She got the ball rolling with the purple fabric, "Monkey, me, mommy? Monkey, me?" she implored. Truley, how could I resist?
I thank Janice for the rag quilt craze. She featured one on her blog and it took a hold of my imagination. One thing led to another and here we are, knee deep in quilt squares. She posts some great recipes too.

On another note - I've named my knitting fantasy football team Yak Attack. Though I haven't actually knitted with yak yarn yet, I'm looking forward to it. Thankfully, the league is set up through Yahoo, which will draft a team for you. This should be interesting.


Janice said...

You're welcome! ;-) I do LOVE all the fabric that jumped into your cart and can't wait to see everything you make with it. The Tweety blanket is looking amazing!! What fun fabrics. If that doesn't bring a smile to your daughters face.....

Lisa L said...

Whew! That's a lot of fabric! How are you going to find time to knit??;-)