Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quilts complete

Here are two classic examples of rag quilts that became popular around the turn of the century. Crafters in the early 2000s loved them for their simplicity and versatility. They could be made in a weekend using a wide variety of materials. They were made with the seams exposed. The seams were then clipped and the quilts and then washed producing three dimensional softness.

That's what the museum placard will read some day, if these quilts were ever to be put in a museum!

They were both made under an intense deadline. I had just one week before going on vacation to Wisconsin and I wanted desparately to get done the quilt for my daughter at camp and another to take with us for the 2 yo. Crazy, you say? Probably. I tend to do that to myself a lot. I figure the more I try to get done, the more I get done - if I haven't fallen over in exhaustion mid project.

To get the quilts done, I set everything up in the studio and stopped in whenever I had a few minutes. I'd cut a few squares until I had the piles. Then I'd pop in and sew a few squares at a time or a few rows. I carried the quilts around with me to do the clipping.

The Sweet Tweety Bird took the longest - having 90 or so 7 inch squares 6 when finished). The Monkey Business was really quick with 11.5 inch squares (10.5 inches after finishing) and just 35 of them. Both have three layers - a mix of flannel and quilting cotton with flannel in the middle. They are a nice weight without being too heavy.

Just one more to go - the Soccer Skies, which will be for the 5yo. It will have to wait until I'm back in Mass.

While on vacation, I'm keeping at least a little busy. This set is for a charity challenge for the football-a-long I've joined. I made in Packer colors in honor of the state we're visiting. It's a simple neck-down sweater with a simple hat and scarf. The charity is Cubs for Kids. The set is for a teddy bear, but we didn't have one in the right size. The hat and sweater were a great opportunity to practice the Magic Loop method of knitting. If you haven't tried it - I highly recommend it! It's a great alternative to circulars and double points.

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Janice said...

The quilts look so great!! Congratulations on getting them both done!! they're fun to do, aren't they?? I love the sweater/hat/scarf set.. even if it is in Packers colors!! Did you use the pattern from the Cubs for Kids site?? I need to make a set in Vikings colors now to offset the green and yellow set :-)!! (Of course, I could just pretend they are for John Deere....)