Tuesday, October 06, 2009

boring, not crazy or wise beyond imagination

It's October and that means just one thing for parents of enthusiastic tots in America: Halloween is coming. Plans must be made.
Costumes must be chosen.
So we trucked off to the fabric store, the 4yo and I, in search of black and red material to make a cape so that she could be the cutest vampire ever.

Then something happened on the way to the bolts of velvet and satin - we passed through an aisle of (gasp) ready-made costumes. Before I could say "shield thy eyes from the evil ways of marketing my child," she had grabbed a tinkerbell costume off the rack and began dancing around with that gleam in her eye - that "my life will be perfect and sunshine will last eternally if you buy me this," look.

All is not lost, however. We're in a fabric store - surrounded by patterns and gorgeous fabric. I turn my attention from black to green. Never mind cheaply made (but not cheap) ready made, I can create the best most wonderful Tinker Bell outfit ever. After all, I've been watching Project Runway - that practically makes me a designer.

So we page through the books and we stroll down the aisles looking at the brocades, the satins, the tulle and I dream of what could be. All the while, she dreams of what already is - namely a soft velvety dress with curly green wings and a shiny wand with a star.

She grows impatient as I pile up the bolts in the cart and puzzle over math in my head. This subject isn't my strong suit but I am competent enough to realize that as the yards add up, so does the bill. Soon, I'm approaching the price of the costume even with a 40 percent off coupon for the $15 pattern.

There is the priceless satisfaction of seeing my child running around in something I made and being able to boast that it is my creation to be considered. There is the amusement and thrill of trying to make a deadline and blogging about how crazy it is to try to get everything all done.
But then there's also the often under appreciated peace of not having way too many projects on the books. Breathing room? A schedule that isn't overstuffed? The ability to spontaneously do some fun activity because I don't have to run upstairs to cut/sew/baste? Huh. What a concept.

Boring? Perhaps. Wise? Maybe.

Regardless, last night she was running around in her costume instead of dragging around a bag of material. She was happy. So happy that she has asked to wear the costume night and day until Halloween comes. As for me, I happily said yes - lets get our money's worth out of it. I'll turn my attention to something longer lasting like maybe a knitted pixie hat?

The other pics were taken while pumpkin picking over the weekend. Despite all the news about what a poor year it was for pumpkins, there seemed to be plenty on the farm. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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