Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to DH

October is our birthday month, which means way, way too much cake. (is there really such a thing?) So, this year, we decided to kick off the season with a birthday pie - apple to be exact. And not just any pie, but one made with the special help of a delighted 4 yo who said, "When I get big and I'm a mumma, I'm going to bake apple pie." That made it all worth the effort. The big grin on DH's face when he saw his present was just icing on the pie. We used the miracle baking powder crust recipe from except that we used butter instead of shortening because we didn't have any shortening. Also, we didn't refrigerate it because we didn't have any time. The real miracle was that I actually made a pie crust since that's something I hate doing since I always have such problems with it. I come from a long line of excellent pie making bakers but the excellent pie gene seems to have skipped me. (It could just be that I need more practice.) Honestly, I would have bought the crust, but the store had none.
A note of caution - we learned the hard way that hot apple pie melts birthday candles quicker than you can blow them out. Thankfully, give DH's "advanced" age, we used just one.

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Dorothy said...

What a great idea! I'll try to sell a birthday pie in March. It's so great when the little ones are so excited to help!

Happy birthday to the DH!