Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to DS

It might be easier to decorate a cake if I could give it some thought at least a few days rather than a few hours before it has to be done - but that's someone else's life! Mine is speeding along at a breath taking pace and so we improvise a lot. I got the idea for a football cake and discovered via the internet that there are plenty of cute football related items for a cake, but of course I had no time for ordering them. Off to Michaels. There are figurines playing golf, soccer and baseball but not football. So, we headed to the scrapbooking aisle for the next best thing. I think he liked it - as much as any 15 year old likes a cake his mom made anyway...
Next up is the 16 yo who wants Teletubbies - and you thought football players were hard to find!

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