Monday, October 12, 2009

spoiler alert for grandparents

I have come to the conclusion that crafting is something that can not be denied. It builds like a fever and the only way to quench the burning thirst is to craft. And the longer you wait, the more crafting you will be compelled to do. And so we had a crafting explosion this week fueled by my discovery of bloggers making incredibly cute and creative things from neglected treasures at the dollar store.

We love Dollar Tree. Everything there is less than a dollar. Yes, everything. It's a kid's nirvana.

Most of what I made is cribbed from other bloggers with original twists inspired by the imaginations of the 4 yo, 7 yo and an extra 7 yo who has a particular penchant for crafting. There was one sort original craft, however. It's Halloween Cards!

We found these very cute paper gift bags at the store and now that my eyes have been opened to thinking about things for uses other than what they were intended, we did just that. We cut out the great pictures, attached them to heavy paper and added googly eyes. It's perfect for a note to go with the specially designed original picture frames we're sending to the grandparents (see below). We coated them with a glossy varnish, but that step could be skipped.

We have fallen in love with googly eyes. It started with a frame by Swell Life. Once freed from the idea that you should use just two to fill in as eyes on a drawing, we were off to the races putting them on everything and anything that didn't move too fast. (The dog wisely went upstairs)

The eyes started the frame frenzy. We went from eyes to glitter glue and eyes to paint. Those are poka dots. We figured that would be a little more fall for grandparents who might like to keep them out past the upcoming holiday.

Once we started, we just couldn't stop. This bowl of bones is a take off from another decorating idea.

There were some great terrarium ideas with moss and other fancy items, but we live near a beach and we're frugal. Our version uses only things found on the beach, except for the skeleton and the spider (dollar store).

Next came the wreath. The one I saw was a lovely feather and fancy ball version. We were going in that direction when I found a pre-made black wreath at Michael's for 40 percent off. It's embellished with plastic party favors from (can you guess?) Dollar Tree!

There's more, believe it or not. We found these two great pumpkin stands at Target on sale after Halloween last year. I didn't want to use them for the pumpkins because I feared they would roll off. We were going to get the fake pumpkins, but they were $10 each on sale. At the dollar store, we found black buckets and fabulous masks. (Notice the googly eyes on the witch?) $4 total.

True confessions - after all was said and done, we had a great time and ended up with lots and lots of stuff while keeping busy for an entire three-day weekend, but in total it wasn't exactly cheap. Even at $1 a pop, things add up more quickly than one would expect. Add in a few $4 and $5 items from Michaels and pretty soon, we're talking big bucks. Still less expensive than department store, however, and way more fun.


Holly Jo said...

Very fun! I LOVE all the googly eyes. Some people love glitter with projects, I love googly eyes. :)

I hear you about the things adding up....before you know it you have $35 bucks worth of stuff. Still. Worth it if the weekend is full. :)

Heather - - said...

Thanks for sharing all your fun projects. Googly eyes are definitely fun! I need to get some more (never leave an open container of googly eyes in a cupboard you might need to access in the dark!). It is definitely easy to drop a lot of $ at the dollar store if you're not careful... sometimes stuff is cheaper at other stores, too. But still, you're right, a full weekend of crafting with your kiddos = priceless!!