Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thank you purses

These two little purses are thank you gifts to a couple of shop owning friends for some good business advice. They run a fun and funky shop, so I wanted them to have something fun and funky to carry with them. They are 4 inches by 8. Just big enough to serve as a clutch, just small enough to fit in a big purse. I'm very pleased with the way the colors blended together.

What's really nice is that my lessons from this project came from just experimenting, not from making mistakes!

For the red bag, I used Cascade 220, red, yellow and orange.
For the violet bag, I used Cascade 220 violet and Noro Kureyon

The pattern:
Holding two yarns together, cast on 12 stitches. Row 1: knit
Row 2: purl.
For the flap : On row 3 and every other row until you have 24 stitches: knit 2, kf&B (or do any increase) knit to the last three stitches, kf&b, knit to end of the row. Row 4 and all even rows: purl
Once you have 24 stitches, continue in stockinette until piece measures 16 inches from edge of flap.
Sew up sides and felt bag to desired size.
To get blended stripes: change on of the two yarns at any point.
The button on the front is just decorative. I used old fashioned sew-on snaps for closures - the 1/2 inch size. You could easily substitute magnetic snaps.


Shelly said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I'll definitely be making some of these soon.

idleberry said...

Those are very cute purses!

primdollie said...

these are such fun little bags and thanks for the instructions!! and I also posted a note to you about the Lopi on the bagaholic group and I love it and use it single stranded size 13 needles but could use 15 I'm sure too!! and made large market bag (on my etsy shop) and also several bowls and vases and they turned out great!!! thanks!
BIG Hugs Linda

Dana said...

Love your thank you purses.
Thank you for the pattern,
but my question is:

what size needles?

again, thank you