Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hats off

I think blogger is punishing me for saying it had gone bloggy - it ate my post! It was brilliant, too. It was full of stellar prose. It would have made you laugh and cry. It would have made your life brighter and more fulfilling. Okay, maybe I'm exagerating a little bit.

You would think, being a writer, that I would know what I wrote and simply rewrite it. I'm not that kind of writer. I can come up with the greatest lines ever, but I can't remember than much longer than it takes for them to come off my fingertips and onto the key board. If I don't get them on "paper" right away, they're gone into the mystical nothingness of abandoned ideas. Even writing them down on paper doesn't imprint them on my brain. I couldn't tell you the sentence I just wrote, much less one I wrote a few hours ago! I thought blogger was automatically saving drafts. Not this time, I guess.

It was something about hats. I had an epiphany this week about them that helps explain my troubles with them. They shouldnt' be exactly the same size as the head they are intended to fit - they should be slightly smaller. How much depends entirely on a variety of factors from personal preference to hat style to yarn characteristics. Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out a sure fire formula for figuring out how much smaller.
Still, the last hat turned out great and so did my most recent endeavor - big grin. It's a lavender extravaganza with a fancy yarn brim featuring a subtle cable. The top is a cozy mohair blend with distinctive details. The only glitch - and it is minor - is that there is mohair in the brim as well, which means that when I wear it, I see this slight halo just at the top of my vision.
On a non-knitting related note, I'm making do without my partner in crime. I am being confronted with the full reality of how many children I have. Somebody is always in need of going somewhere or having something done for them. Mom is here, which is a tremendous help. She does the laundry, which is usually my job, that leaves me free to do all the things that are dh's jobs - like grocery shopping. He is so my hero for doing that every week. I don't want life to rush by, but I am really looking forward to Feb. 13th, when he returns. Among other things, he can help me take a decent picture of my next knitting accomplishment.


ninou77 said...

The hat looks pretty!! I love the colour!!

I laugh about blogger being bloggy!!

I failed with my first hat with the magic loop, but I will try agin asap!! Bye!!

Holly Jo said...

Love the hat! I love how you did the decreases. Great work.

I felt bad complaining in my last post because I know there are mommies out there like you who are REALLY getting it done right now. Good luck keeping the pace - you can do it.