Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pictures of coin purse (card purse)

Here at last are the pictures. It is just the right size. I need to add a snap or maybe velcro, as soon as it's dry.

Here's what I learned - the garter strips felted away into the fabric leaving no extra texture whatsoever. Still, the Malabrigio is a wonderful felting fabric. It felts quickly and leaves little stitch definition, which I prefer. Also, it has soft stripes, which creates an ethereal effect on the felted fabric.

On a side note - take heed and slow down. I was in a hurry to get the kids to school today so rather than waiting for someone to make a left hand turn, I figured I'd just come up on the right hand side and turn. I didn't take into account the huge size of my van or the fire hydrant extremely close to the road. So close that it caught the rear wheel well and literally tore the metal and folding it like an accordian. Nobody got hurt and the kids were amused, but it will be a very expensive repair. I rush around a lot - mostly because I'm trying to do too much but also because I hate to be late. Well my lesson today is that it's a lot cheaper to be late.


Bonnie D. said...

The coin purse is cute - love those stripes.

But more importantly, I'm sorry to hear about your car mishap. :o(

You are so right about slowing down. I can attribute virtually every mistake I make (personal and business) to trying to do do much / going too fast. SLOW IT DOWN! There. I'm trying to remind all of us, too.

Lisa L said...

Great coin purse! I'm going to make myself one of those. Now the van mishap - bummer. You don't have to tell me about slowing down . . . ;-)