Monday, February 04, 2008

Sad day in Patriot's Nation

My team was good, but in the end, not good enough. New England is in mourning today. We had hoped to be celebrating a final victory capping off an undefeated season. Instead, we're eating crow. I know there are some in the world who are pleased that the team has gotten its comeupance. But this team worked hard. An undefeated season is an amazing accomplishment. It was fun to watch them and it was nice to see everyone so excited and united. We have our differences over so many things, but on supporting our team we agreed. So today we share disappointment. Congratulations to any Giants fans. That team has a great story to tell.

I couldn't during the game knit the complicated lace scarf pattern I was working on - it required too much concentration. Luckily, I had some malabrigo left over and just the right size needles for a felted project stashed in our coffee table. (It has drawers so that I can keep my knitting supplies out of site). I cast on for coin purse at the beginning of the second half and sewed up the sides just as the Patriots made their final, fruitless play down the field. It's felting now. If my loose calculations are correct, it will come out just big enough for the stack of health insurance and membership cards I have to carry around. I would happily upload a picture of the prefelted object, if blogger would let me...

I knit mostly in stockinette, switching to garter stitch on the right side every so often to give it some texture. The basic formula was this:

Cast on 20 stitches. knit for 8 inches. For flap: decrease on both sides every other row until you have 10 stitches. Knit evenly for 4 rows, bind off. Stitch up sides. Felt.

I was going to buy one, but I couldn't find one in the right size and this is "free" given that I had the yarn on hand. It's also a great way to use up scraps. This would also make a good swatching project.

I will try for pics tomorrow.

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Janice said...

My condolences! (Although it was a great game!) My team never even comes close to the Super Bowl!!! The coin purse sounds great. I can't wait to see a photo..