Wednesday, July 23, 2008

America's Dairy Land, here we come

I'm up to row 330 on the stole - yeah - that's about half way. There was a very scary moment when I couldn't locate the directions for rows 331-418. The pattern was free to particpants in the KAL, but that ended long ago. I know the directions are out there, but I don't want to lose momentum.... thankfully though I am somewhat more organized than I appear (or feel). I really did download all the weeks and had them in one place, just not in the right order.

The stole is packed and will head with me to WI tomorrow. Along with the toes of my next pair of socks, half a bag and a few random skeins of yarn that will hopefully give birth to a new knitter.

This oil crisis is a bad thing for knitters. Here's why - high oil prices mean the cost of fuel for airplanes is up which means they are starting to charge for every bag you bring. Suddenly, every ounce is up for debate. I can't just toss all the supplies and a bunch of extra yarn in my second checked-in bag! Must it come down to undies or that hat I've been dying to finish? Admittedly, the yarn can be crammed in the corners. The real problem is how few accessories can I get away with? I used to just toss in my Denice needles and the Knit Picks kit, but now, I'm thinking I could just pick up extra needles at my destination. Maybe I should only visit the homes of people who knit :)

The question of the week is where do you like to knit - pretty much anywhere. Sometimes I'll knit standing up in my studio. That's when I know I'm supposed to be doing something else, but I just want to get in a few rows. Mostly I knit sitting on the couch watching television after the kids are (supposed to be) in bed. I have a coffee table with drawers so I can keep all my supplies near by and a couple of projects. DH bought it for us, I suspect after he got tired of the knitting baskets everywhere.


SP12 pal said...

Have fun in Wisconsin!

Holly Jo said...

Cut the amount of underwear in half and wear them inside out every other day. :) Old backpacking tip. Then there is that much more room for yarn.

Have a really good time!

Bobbi said...

You can always pack the hat project and wash out the underwear each evening. ;-)