Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wisconsin Fun

Within 6 hours of landing, a new knitter was born. My cousin who claimed to be hopelessly uncoordinated picked it up effortlessly. She accused me of being overly complementary just to hook her in (pun intended) but I am stating it here publically that she really was a quick study.

We started with a book mark so she could make something useful right away. She warned me ahead of time that she doesn't like to practice. Her lesson was followed by a trip to the yarn store. I had to hold her back from creating an entire stash in one day. I sent her back to Michigan with yarn for a felted phone case and a felted book back. We figured felting would be good for a beginner since mistakes disappear in the washing machine.

I picked up some ribbon yarn for a quick little purse for one of the children. Here's the problem with traveling light - I didn't have the right needles. Oh well, can one really have too many sets of size 8 dpns?

I've knitted at least two more rows of the endless secret stole and finished the increases on my fun stripey socks. I've also nearly finished the aforementioned purse. I guess it's time for another stop at the yarn shop!

My knitting has been repeatedly interrupted for any number of family activities. All fun and important, of course. Here are a few scenes from America's Dairly Land.


Lisa L said...

Woo hoo! Passing on the addiction!

Bobbi said...

I hope we treated you well in WI!!!

Holly Jo said...

Way to spread the word! :)

Bookmark. What a good idea for a first project. :)

the new knitter said...

well, it's easier to knit on vacation!
Still working on the dish cloth, which apparently has an alternating pattern because I purled when a should have knitted and then I resumed the regular patternn, but in reverse oops!

I will make it to the french market bag, really I will!