Tuesday, July 01, 2008

U know U want to finish your UFO

We've all got them - hidden in the back or our closets, buried deep in our knitting baskets lurking in unopened droors.

Some are nearly finished -just a few more rows or a sleeve to finish. Others are just barely begun. They sit waiting for you to come back to them, to fall in love with them all over again or to just be done with them.

Perhaps they should be passed along. Maybe it's time to give up and frog.

There's a new group that can help motivate and inspire you to do something, anything with them to clear them out and make way for other projects.

Check it out: http://ufosummer.blogspot.com/

There will be prizes.

1 comment:

ninou77 said...

Yeah;;; it's interesting... Maybe I would have to subscribe!!