Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My parents have a cabin on a tiny body of water called Mabel Lake. You can kayak the entire lake in about 20 minutes if you're moving slowly. No motor boats allowed. We've spotted deer, great blue herons, sand hill cranes and a ton of turtles. The only problem is a long, dragged out battle with the lilly pads and other weeds that would choke the lake and turn it into a swamp.
The lake is surrounded by deep green pine trees soaring above a soft bed of pine needles. It holds a wealth of fish that will nibble at just about anything, including marshmellows. The 6yo caught 24 fish - a bunch with the fluffy white sweet treat usually reserved for s'mores, the rest with worms. The big break through for me this trip was learning how to get the fish off the hook. Dh went back to Boston earlier than me forcing me to cancel the fishing or free the fish. It's not so bad after all.

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sp12 pal said...

Looks lovely and relaxing!