Friday, August 29, 2008

UFOs identified

These are a few of my sad, neglected projects sitting in bags patiently (or impatiently) awaiting a little love and attention. Do UFOs have feelings? Do they know they've been shoved aside? Do they know they've become the second class citizens of the knitting project world? Is it truly obvious that it's time for school to start since I'm so far off the deep end I'm having conversations with string?

At any rate - here they are. The square object is supposed to become a freeform purse based loosely on a log cabin style of knitting. It's made of six types of yarn knitted in random order. I think I'm not entirely convinced about the colors blending well so I put it aside for awhile and then I got interested in other things and haven't gotten back to it.
Next is a crocheted baby bib started way back when at least one of my babies was wearing a bib. It probably has an hour (maybe two) worth of work left. What's my excuse for not finishing this one? Only that I can't seem to find a crochet hook when I think of picking it up. Of course now I don't really need bibs! I also don't like to crochet all that much either.
And finally we have the doll. This is the doll my 6yo asked me to make her when she was 3. I started when I was pregnant with the one who is now 3! After I started it, I realized I wouldn't have enough of one of the yarns so I rushed around to get more so I could finish it before the new baby came. Obviously, I didn't even come close! I got hung up on the feet, which are way too complicated for a doll. I think I have a hard time picking this one up because I know there's a lot of work involved - once the doll is done, she needs knitted clothes!
This isn't my complete list (of course) It's just what I found in my stash. Do you have UFOs lurking in your drawers crying out to see the light of day? There's a place that can help - it's called Summer of the UFO but it's not just for summer. It's for anyone looking for a little support to get to these unfinished projects. We'll be your cheerleaders or your coaches if necessary.


Holly Jo said...

The doll would be so cute though! I can't imagine how fiddly doll clothes would be to knit. :)

Lisa L said...

I have some things in the trunk of my car that I really don't want to pull out . . . Who knows what shape they are in . . . But I always have emergency knitting if needed ;-)

aj said...

i have several mostly bags in various stages of incompletion. some i almost completely forgot about (how convenient). i have a huge problem with deciding on closures (i see you do too !! i can totally relate), and ornaments and to line a bag or not and now just when i thought i was safe, even whether to FELT a bag or not (i usually felt all wool bags i make but i'm still waffling about one bag which i haven't even put handles on yet).