Saturday, August 30, 2008

Need advice

I know you've been waiting to find out if I took your advice on the tote for my cousin... I didn't. It was good advice to start over - the bag is indeed smaller than I had envisioned.

I knew you were giving me wise words, I decided forge ahead, however, because I was so far along. I decided it would be easier to just finish and make a second one if the first wasn't big enough.

Now I need advice again- this time on the best way to close or not close the bag. It's sort of a booga bag except that I want two handles - one attached to the front and other attached to the back, more like a conventional purse.

My dilemma is this - I forgot until after I'd felted the bag that I was going to make a tab to close the top. Now do I just leave it without anything, make a tab and sew it on or try to finagle a button closure? What do you prefer on your purses?

The pictures are the before and after felting - a process that continues to amaze me. The doll is there for scale.


Holly Jo said...

My mom loves the magnet closures you can buy at Joanns. You just sew them in and voila you have a very nice closure. :)

The bag looks great.

Also, I saw a felted bag once with grommets used as the way to attach the handles. Grommets punched in the bag and then felted i-cord in the holes and knotted. Nice because you can replace the handles if need be without losing the purse. It seemed like a good idea.

Danielle said...

I've really like the magnetic closure on my tote. Maybe that is the tote you made for me? I can't remember which one it is that has the snap, but I love it.

aj said...

depending on how a bag's going to be used and who will be using the bag and whether or not the moon is full (just kidding) -

seriously for bags i use, i generally like zippers so small things don't fall out and rain doesn't get in - but I also like magnetic closures for bags where i need to get at things fast. aesthetically i do like tabs with buttons too but i don't use bags like that too often.

I love your bag by the way, whatever closure you use - it's so cute!

aj (from girlcanthavetoomanybags)

ninou77 said...

Hi Jen

Great bag!! Personally I prefer a zipping bag beause it's better for small things....

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