Monday, August 04, 2008

Scenic Wisconsin

This is the state I grew up in. I flew away just about as fast as I could. It's only as an adult living on the East Coast that I've come to appreciate all the beauty and character of America's Dairy Land. It is a special place - thick with pine forests and decorated with winding rivers. There is a slower pace that I hated when I was young and find now to be a relief. I find that my trip overseas has given me an unexpected side effect - I see things now more through a tourist's eyes. It's an interesting perspective - looking at things as if I hadn't seen them before. Maybe it's that I notice the details more or that things seem more exotic. In Paris, we bought tiny replicas of the Eiffel Tower (made in China) here, visitor's buy replicas of black bears or moose (also, ironically, made in China).

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Holly Jo said...

Paddle boats. Good times. :)
Slower pace of life can be good - especially with kids.