Monday, September 22, 2008

Goodbye Summer

As if on cue for the first day of Fall, the weather turned cold and the sky is gray. It's that chilly, snow-is -in-the-air sort gray (although hopefully the white stuff is still many, many weeks away). But at least the last day of summer was sunny and warm enough for some time at the beach.

DH asked if it was a good summer. I would say yes. Easy? Not by a long shot. Getting anything done with little people (who felt no need to get anything done) around all the time was extremely challenging. Still, I feel like I had a superb summer that left me ready for fall.
The top ten things about this summer:
1. It was warm, but not too much so - we only turned the air conditioner on once or maybe twice.
2. We vacationed in CT for two weeks and it only rained once.
3. I learned to take a fish off the hook because my 6 yo really, really wanted to go fishing and there was no one else to do it. We also learned you can catch fish with marshmellows.
4. I got to spend 2 weeks in Wisconsin with my folks and celebrated my niece's graduation from high school (although I'm confused, because I'm fairly certain she was just in second grade last year)
5. My children found good activities - one enjoyed camp, another hung out at the beach, one found the basketball courts and the other two were happy wit their programs.
6. I learned how to use the grill. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but at least I can turn it on and make a hamburger.
7. The little ones are older, so I was able to get back to biking, which I love. I'm very happy to report that I didn't forget how to ride.
8. Because the little ones are older and can be trusted to be out front without running into the street, I was able to spend more time in the garden. As a result, the flowers are still going strong.
9. Having been getting up by 6:30 a.m. to get everyone to school, I really appreciated being able to sleep in a little.
And last, but not least: 10. Our local hot dog shop started selling Almond Joy Ice Cream, which is hands down my favorite. I can usually only find it when we are on vacation in CT.
How was your summer?


Allison said...

I love your photos! Especially the first one of the shells. Great job!

Holly Jo said...

Summer is definitely gone here as we had our first frost on cue for fall. :) Summer was a drag, but fall is my favorite time of year so it is a great way to say good bye to a lousy summer. :)

You have been busy! Glad you got to spend so much time with family though and squeeze in some personal stuff. Biking sounds like so much fun. :)