Friday, September 05, 2008

Transitions stink (sometimes)

This explains all the sand in her hair!
Do you remember that show "Let's Make Deal?" You would get something and then the host would let you trade it in for the chance to get something even better? "Do you want what's behind curtain number one? Curtain number two? Or curtain number 3?" You would be standing there with a crock pot in your hand and you could trade it in for a great new ride - maybe a new car, maybe a donkey.
I could never have gone on that show. I would have spent the entire episode trying to make a decision. I'd weigh all the possibilities. I'd consult with the person sitting next to me. I'd wander up a few rows to ask the lady in the funny hat what she thought I should do. I'd go over the benefits and pitfalls with the host. I'd make a list of comparing my options side by side. Then I'd start the process all over again.
You can only imagine how bad I can be when it comes to an even bigger decision like whether or not to switch to a new preschool. I agonized for months. Literally. Agonized. My friends were so tired of hearing about it they'd switch the subject as soon as they heard the word "pre." I'd make up my mind and then unmake it. I put off until the absolute last minute and then I put it off a little longer.
Why was it so hard?
It hit me this morning on the second to last day at the old school. I felt so sad as we went there - even though I really like the new school and I think it will be a good fit for my dd. I'm leaving behind people who I've really come to care about over the last six years. Teachers who've helped raise two of my children and parents who've become friends. Some I will see because we've become close, but I won't run into them in the mornings or at pick up.
When I bumped into one of those good friends this morning, I realized how much I value being able to say a quick hi and have a short chat about some insignificant (or significant) event. This is a big shift for us - like moving, changing jobs or even switching to a new coffee shop.
It's interesting to me that as a transition approaches, suddenly the things we are leaving behind look so much better than they did when we made the decision to leave!
The advantage of real life over the game show, of course, is that I've had a chance to look behind all the curtains. I'm fairly certain that I'm not getting the donkey.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a difficult decision. Good luck