Wednesday, September 03, 2008


You know why these animals look so happy and relaxed? Because they're not trying to keep up with three six-year-olds hyped up on granola bars and pure excitement over the pending start of first grade!
What to do with children who have way too much energy? Let them loose at the Stone Zoo, of course. They can run and scream to their hearts content. Which they did. They bounced from one animal to the next just as thrilled as if they were seeing it for the very first time. Amazingly, their enthusiasm remained unabted throughout the entire day.
Today the children are "caged up" in a brick building at the top of the hill learning to read and write (I hope). The first day is so thrilling as they catch up with their friends and figure out their new routines. This morning was good because everyone (even the big kids) seemed generally happy to be going back to school. This afternoon may bring discord as the reality of homework and routine set in, but I'm going to bask in the moment of a peaceful house hold!
Trips to the zoo like this make me want to be a designer! The colors, the intricate patterns, the expressions of the animals just beg to be translated into some fabulous knitted masterpiece. That will have to wait since I have troubles even following simple directions. Of course if I'm designing the piece, then there are no directions to follow, right? Hmmmm...

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