Saturday, December 08, 2007

email hot stuff

It seems I've suddenly become very popular. I've been barraged with emails from very fun sounding people who say they've read my profile on line and want to chat. How nice. Considering that I haven't actually put up a profile on line, I'm guessing it's a scam. Oh well. At least my dog loves me. :)

I have completed my annual bead teach a thon. Three years ago a friend who heard I was crafty asked me to come up with a craft to teach for our church's annual Christmas breakfast. (With friends like these...) So I dragged out my old beading supplies, brushed up on my beading skills and here I am three years later converting innocent bystanders into bead-a-holics. I even had two repeat customers. One has made so much jewelry over the last year she's looking into selling it so she'll have an excuse to make more. Every year is a flurry of making and testing and checking designs to I'll have samples to show. I now have necklaces and earrings in just about every color imaginable - even red, which I never wear. Honestly, I'm looking forward to getting back to knitting. While beading is much quicker - a whole set can be completed in a night - it's not nearly as meditative or soul soothing as knitting.


loribird said...

It may not be as relaxing, ut they sure are pretty! Glad your class went well.

ninou77 said...

Very pretty necklaces and earrings!! You do a lot of things with your hands!^^