Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pride goeth before the fall

I felt like shouting from the mountain tops - I get it! I finally get it! Inspired by Monica and a picture she posted of some correcting she was doing several rows back and motivated by not wanting to tink back again on my Secrets of the Stole I sat and puzzled and pictured it all in my head until I finally figured out how to do a knit2tog several rows down. I'd previously figured out how to add in a yarn over - but knitting two together had totally confuzzled me (as my 14yo would say).

Then I got it: you have to let two stitches drop down to where the yo was missed. Then you pick up the two stitches together and continue as if you are picking up a dropped stitch - et voila, c'est fini.

To add a yarn over, spread the stitches so you can see the bars in between them. Figure out how far down you need the yarn over and pick up a bar as if it was a runaway stitch and then just as before, treat it as a dropped stitch.

So yeah for me for figuring this out! I was so proud, I ran up and took a picture to post on the blog. Then came my biggest mistake yet. Why oh why did I leave the stole on the bed? Why oh why didn't I think ahead just a little bit to realize that my little ones would soon be jumping on said bed for their goodnight stories?

I came up the stairs awhile later and saw on the floor outside of the bedroom door the needles on which I am knitting the stole. There was no stole attached to them. They were just slinking off as if to go have a little party being finally freed from their task. The stole was sitting on the bed abandoned and lonely not sure what to do without the needles to hold it together. All I can say is thank the knitting muses that I've learned how to fix knit 2tog and yos without tinking whole rows! It took a bit of time to get everybody back in order, but not nearly as long as it could have taken.

On this stole I am firmly in the turtle the club. While most are done with all 8 clues, I am still on clue 3. But I haven't given up and that's something.


Holly Jo said...

The whole going back and dropping stitches down to where you made a mistake is a marvel to me too. I haven't done a k2tog one yet - hats off to you.

Janice said...

Good for you for persevering and figuring it out! dropping stitches and fixing mistakes is way beyond me at this point. The shawl is beautiful!

Ninou77 said...

What a desadventure!

Fortunately you can put the stitches on your needles. I'm not able to do that with a lace stole! Congratulations!