Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Great Mommy Lie

When I was a wee girl while shopping with my mom one day I caught her buying some Bible books that I thought looked rather interesting. "Are those for me?" I asked. "Oh no, these are for your cousins," she said, thinking quickly. They were, of course for me and I was thrilled with them. Years later, however, when she would say, "Have I ever lied to you?" I would quickly shoot back, "Yeah, that time you told me those books were for my cousins."

Now that I am the mom, that is just one of the many, many things I regret having said to my mom. Here it is time for Christmas and there is little time to spare. In the interest of ensuring Santa would be getting my daughter what she wanted, we were out doing a little window shopping/list making. It was with great alarm that I realized there was just one left of something she really, really wanted. I've learned the hard way that if one waits to buy these things when a child isn't present, one might not be able to find it later.
"Let's get that for the toy give away at daddy's work and put it on your list," I suggested.
"But there's just one left," said my astute daughter.
"That's okay, Santa knows were to get more," I said reassuringly.
My rational is this: It won't be a lie if I can actually find another one for the toy give away.


missemilysmom said...

Hello! Just popped ver to comment! I am with you! I am the same way! "Those are for your cousins"....

Actually we are in search of the Holiday Barbie! Of course could not find it... So, I said "What if Santa just can't find it.." DD replied "But mommy Santa can get anything... Remember he has Magic!" Thank Goodness my sister found one!!

Allison said...

Little white lies are totally allowed at Christmas! Congrats on fixing the shawl - yours looks a lot like mine!

Holly Jo said...

Ugh. I really struggle with those white lies. :) Watching how much he believes makes it all worthwhile.