Monday, December 31, 2007

May you have a very happy New Year

Dh and I tried a new tactic to more thoroughly enjoy Christmas this year. We set a side a night before the holiday's final explosion to celebrate together - just the two of us. On top of the regular gifts we gave each other "wish gifts" - things we want for the other person that can't be bought. I want for him for his book to be a success and for his relationship with our children (esp. older ones) to grow stronger. He wants for me to get my writing business running more smoothly and to enjoy my trip to France. I found it to be a powerful to know that someone wants something for me that I want so much for myself. My friend Allison reaffirmed this when she sent me some wish gifts as well. So in keeping with the spirit, I am sending these out to you, my knitting friends:

I wish for you that you will conquer a knitting dragon and make a project that you now find daunting, whether that be socks, sweaters or entrelac.

I wish for you that you find at least three new knitting friends, virtual or land line, to inspire and encourage you.

And finally - keeping in mind that troubles with projects are often learning opportunities - I wish for you that you are able to accomplish at least three complicated projects without any annoying frustrations.

May you always have the right needles on hand, pick the best pattern for the yarn and be on gauge.

Happy, happy New Year!


Robyn said...

Wish gifts sound wonderful! thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful time in France. :)

Holly Jo said...

Wow. What a great post. :) Wish gifts are great - what a nice thing to share with your husband. Always seems like in the craziness of everyday life our spouses gets whatever is leftover.

I do hope you have a good time in France. :)