Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby o' Baby it's fun to knit for Baby

You see these little booties? You like? I'm just tickled pink with them. I made these with no pattern. I used yarn left over from the hat and my memory of how to make little socks from the toe up. I didn't even look at instructions for the short row heels. That was actually a mistake - I think I started to increase on the wrong side and therefore didn't end up where I was supposed to, but I was able to fake it. I didn't have quite enough yarn, but have learned from DH who was a carpenter that such a problem is really just an opportunity for creativity. I topped it off with another complementary pink that is soft and lucious and played off the stiffer texture of the sock yarn perfectly. To get the ruffle, I cast off in the rib pattern but cast on an extra stitch after every purl. Let me know if you want to try it and need more explicit instructions.

To make the hat match a little better, I crocheted around the edge with the soft, lucious pink yarn and then crocheted a cord in that same yarn. It works much, much better than the ribbon because it is stretchy like the hat.

I was putting the finishing touches on this as I walked out the door to an event where I knew the baby's mother would be. Why waste a second? One can actually walk and thread a cord through eyelets at the same time!

The event was this - the last day of school. It was a sad and happy day, says my now First Grader! My hat is off to teachers everywhere - they do such an important and challenging job. I will be forever grateful to her teacher, who was so dynamic and caring.

Don't you just love the missing teeth?

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Allison said...

I love those socks and hat. How impressive that you did it freestyle!!!