Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dr. Who?

Years ago there was a campy sci fi show called Dr. Who. The knitting connection is the scarf the guy wore as he traveled about the universe. I know very little about the original version of the show other than that it existed and I read about somebody knitting a version of the long stripey scarf.

Now there's a remake (of the show - not the scarf) on BBC America. I know this because all of my favorite shows are on hiatus for the summer so we've been surfing for alternatives. This one is campy too, but just catchy enough to keep my attention while I'm whipping off a few stitches. The bizarre story lines are truly a testament to the depths of a vivid imagination. But by far the most interesting bit of the show was half mitts worn by one of the lead female characters. It was near the end of the show and she was caught in a parallel universe wearing the most darling dark pink half mitts I've seen all summer. They had a diamond cable up the back with a moss stitch in the middle. I couldn't tell if they had thumbs or not even though dh obligingly rewound several times (Thank goodness for TIVO)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this whole episode is that dh has become so accustomed to my knit obsession that he wasn't alarmed that I'm paying more attention to the knits than the show. He didn't fall out of his chair laughing at me or start muttering about weird knitting cults. "Will there be purling?" he asked trying to sound all hip to the stitches.

Oh yes, there will be purling! Must go check my stash...

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Lisa L said...

That's too funny - Dr. Who is a favorite in our household! I missed the mitts - I'll have to remember to check. But, you're not alone - Sophia was watching a Disney show this week and I had to stop and watch because the main character was wearing a pair of knitted mitts as an "accessory"! Sophia just rolled her eyes as I mentioned them!