Sunday, June 01, 2008

I hate heels

I am insanely jealous of anyone who can successfully turn a heel without anxiety and angst. I've done it twice for socks for me and twice for wee socks and still I struggle. I lose my place. I get holes. I end up with a misshapen mess. If only I'd realized or been willing to accept the fact that they weren't working out when I was ten rows into it...but I kept going hoping against hope that it would look better in the end. Instead, I'm hopping off to the frog pond. I don't understand why I struggle so! I'm not unintelligent. I've accomplished many more complicated tasks. I will persevere. I will get this figured out. (I hope)

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Holly Jo said...

Stay strong! You can do it. :)

It was AFTER I took a class last summer that I felt confident about heel turning ability. It is the little things - picking up through the back loop, picking up a stitch from below to knit together with a heel stitch where the gusset meets the heel, etc that makes all the difference - IMHO.