Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New England Morning

Every morning I get up as early as I can muster to take my English Springer for a walk along the harbor. I'm not a morning person and never had a desire to greet the dawn but with my ginormous crew, it's the only peace I get all day. It's like walking in a picture. The scene is the same but every day is different. The colors change depending on the season and the weather. The mix of birds also varies depending on the season. Somedays the water is high up on the shore and others it's far away revealing mudflats. Those are the days my dog seems to like best because he can find a deep mudpool to play in and ignore me when I call him to come home. He knows I'm not coming in after him. When he finally does get around to heeding my call, his beautiful white fur is dark gray.
I've been doing this early morning thing now for a full year. Last summer, I dreaded the winter knowing that there would be days when it would be bitterly cold. And it was. There were days when the walk was not pleasant. Having survived it, however, I would say it wasn't as bad as I feared and there were moments of unexpected beauty that I wouldn't have seen any other way. Plus now I appreciate the warm weather even more than before!


Holly Jo said...

Your dog thanks you for all the early mornings. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

-SP12 pal

Peggy said...

Such lovely photos. I've always wanted to live by the shore, what a wonderful place to walk. Guess I could jaunt down to the pond huh?