Saturday, June 28, 2008

What is the perfect amount of stash?

This is my answer to the SP12 question of the week:

The perfect stash contains just the right yarn for whatever project pops into your head! Can you just imagine? I want to make a purple silk rolled brim hat - and there's the yarn, perhaps a present from a far away friend. Or I want to make a pink stripped scarf and there's the yarn, purchased three summers ago while on vacation. The problem with having all that yarn around is to not feel guilty about it. It's no fun if everytime you look at that gorgeous sage green wool you feel bad because it hasn't become felted slippers yet. You have to be able to enjoy just having yarn around, admiring it's colors, treasuring its texture, dreaming about the possibilities of what it will become. Like children, only better because the skeins don't talk back!

We're off to the CT shore today - it's gloomy here but I'm told it's sunny down there. I'm hoping to blog a bit while on vaca, but if I'm slow, rest assured I'll be back soon.

Meanwhile - start thinking about how great it would be to finish off some of those long neglected projects that are begging for attention. There will be an announcement soon about a super fun KAL to help you get motivated.


Holly Jo said...

Have a good time in CT! Here's hoping for sunshine for you.

Bobbi said...

I always struggle with the stash question. I think that I have too much, but still find myself wanting more!

ninou77 said...

sometimes I prefer the skein than the finished object!!
At least the skein wa beautiful..;)