Monday, May 12, 2008

Les chiens de Paris

Most people who go to Paris rave about the artwork or the impressive churches or the fine food. Moi? I went gaga over the dogs - they are everywhere - taking themselves out for a walk, hanging out at the sidewalk cafes and playing in the parks. Only once did I hear one yip and never did they squabble with each other on the street. If I were a dog, I'd certainly like to be a Parisian one.


Holly Jo said...

The spaniel up above looks the way I expect a Parisian dog would look, "Yes, I know I am lovely and you may pet me if you wish." :)

Your photos have been wonderful to look at. :)

LauraLynne said...

these dogs are better behaved then my kids...perhaps i should send them abroad w/ auntie jenn??? Lari

Janice said...

LOVE the dog photos! I need another trip to Paris!!!