Friday, May 09, 2008

Plus Paris

The shoe-less foot and the dog are statues in the Musee D'Orsay. I was led to believe that this was a museum that could be toured in three hours. I was mislead by a long shot. We were there for seven, although at least two of that was spent eating. This is the city of the never ending meals. They go on and on and on. Not like home where food is cooked in 30 minutes and gone in 10! It's nice on one hand, but I have a lot of city to see in a very short time. The panoramic of the city was taken from the balcony of the museum- it is of Sacre Coeur - a ginormous church that overlooks the city. The flowers were taken in the Tuilerie Garden - a very calm oasis in a very energetic city.

The church is Sacre Coeur close up. We stayed until after dark, which is when most of the tourists go home and many of the locals come out to play. On this night, there were two young men twirling flaming batons to (American) music. That's the abstract fire works photo. Interestingly there are no open bottle laws here, which as you can imagine makes picnics much more interesting.
The fountain is in front of the Louvre. I must save that for another trip, but my mom and cousin managed to see all but two wings in one day, which I understand is an amazing accomplishment.
Also in this lot is the Arc D'Triomph at night. I really wish I had a tripod, but I'm glad that I didn't have to carry one around all day since we have been walking from early in the day until late, late, late at night. Which is why this commentary doesn't match the pictures.
Thank you for all your well wishes. I have been telling my cousin all about my great knitting friends. Today she said, ever so non-chalantly, where would one learn to knit? Maybe a convert?

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Allison said...

It all sounds so wonderful! Thanks for the photos (they are fabulous) and for sharing your adventure with us. I miss you!