Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shop away

I thought I was cool. I thought I was hip and with it. I was sure of my style and confident in my clothing choices. That is until I went shopping with my teenage daughter. I am so not hip. I am so not with it. I am so out of touch with "style" I might as well be getting dressed on the moon!

This is when I realized how "old" I am - I don't care! I am content with my boring t-shirts and lame jeans. I'm stunned that the stores have succeeded in convincing shoppers that they should wear at least two t-shirts at a time, if not three or more. Why spend $15 on a top for an outfit when you can spend $30? or $45?

Watching my daughter fret and fuss over trying to find the perfect undershirt brought me back to those horrific days when I cared so much about fitting in and having my peers judge me as worthy based on my clothing.

Of course I still want to look good. I want to be stylish and maximize my assets (ala What not to Wear) but I feel happily free to wear what I want regardless of what's on the mannequins.

On the knitting front - I'm working on a pair of socks. I'm a little concerned that they may be too big. I've measured and checked guage carefully, but they seem a little on the loose side. The problem is I need to knit more to see if they really are too big, but I knit every row with just a bit of dread that I may end up frogging it.


Lisa L said...

That is too funny! I was just shopping with my 14 yr. old this weekend and she spent seemingly hours trying to decide what color would go best under what shirt . . . ;-)

Holly Jo said...

The layered shirt thing is a mystery to me. My FIVE YEAR OLD loves to layer shirts too. The faux layered look is insufficient too - he puts a short sleeved shirt on over one. :)

Best of luck with the socks. That feeling is the worst.