Monday, May 05, 2008

What does France look like?

We arrived and I am pleased to learn for myself that France really does exist. Of course, I had little doubt, but there is something significant about seeing it for myself.

We arrived at 1p.m. with only a vague idea of how to get into the city. How about the train? 47 euros later, we had a pass for 5 days that we really had no clue how to use. Mom got through but we figured out later that was fluke because she wasn't doing it right. I got stuck in a little glass box. You go in and then you are supposed to put your ticket through and go out. It's not that hard - once you know what you're doing. After that was the adventure of navigating the train system with way too many bags. I met a sweet French girl , 6, who was very amused by the whole situation. We really did look rather silly.

Upon arrival, we immediatley went out to start soaking up all the great atmosphere. We're staying very near the Arc de Triomph, so we walked the Champs Elysee. I am amazed at how lively the city is even late at night.

On a call home, my 6yo asked "What does Paris look like?" Her answer is up above.

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Holly Jo said...

Great pictures! French cats look like American cats. :) Very cute.

Loved the story about getting on the the train. I wonder if a French person comes for a visit here and says something similar about our various tunnel systems. :)